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Cupping & Hijamah-Part 2

Cupping & Hijamah-Part 2

Hijamah is an effective therapy for many illnesses when done correctly and under the right circumstances.

Following on from my previous article on Hijamah this article briefly describes the different types of Hijamah. I will continue using the correct arabic word Hijamah from here forward as “cupping” is not an accurate translation of Hijamah referred to in the hadeeth.

Hijamah is of two types, Hijama in strength and Hijamah in illness. These have different rules and if they are ignored the patient will be harmed instead of healed through the treatment.

Hijamah in strength is carried out when the person is generally healthy, it is also referred to as Hijamah in health. I prefer the term strength rather than health as it is rare to find someone who has absolutely no illness present. The distinction however is that in spite of having some minor complaints the patient is relatively healthy and strong, with a strong pulse and sufficient blood. This type of patient normally seeks Hijamah as a general health preservation treatment which will aid in removing toxins and impurities from the blood and for this reason the recommended times, days and seasonal recommendations must be adhered to. The recommended days are the 17th, 19th and 21st of the lunar month and the seasons are spring and summer.

Only in the hot regions such as the middle east where it remains hot even in winter and autumn can this type of cupping be performed outside of spring and summer. Many people in regions where the climate is cold in winter and autumn have Hijamah done and this leads to illness instead of removing it. The reason is because in the hot climate, the heat of the blood is in the outer areas of the body, there is also more blood flow in the outer parts.

Hijamah removes blood from this area of the body and acts as a purification. In the cold climate, heat retreats inward and the outer parts remain colder and with less blood. When Hijamah is done in this condition the body is harmed. The dates are also important as the moon has an effect on the blood and its impurities, causing them to accumulate in the areas where Hijamah is done on these dates. If Hijamah is done on these days then the blood removed will have a higher concentration of toxins, blood breakdown waste products as well as other harmful substances. It will also have a lower concentration of substances that are healthy for the body such as immune cells etc. The best time for this type of Hijamah is in the morning, on an empty stomach and preferably after having taken a bath. In the next article I will discuss Hijamah in illness which has different rules.

For those who want to have general Hijamah done, we have now entered into Spring and Hijamah will be done at the AcuClinic center on the relevant dates, for September these are the 24th, 26th and 28th. More information is available at the website:

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