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The date-palm is as old as mankind, scientists state that it originated in the Arab Gulf region in the region of Bahrain and then spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, a mummy was discovered in Egypt that was wrapped in a mat made of palm leaves. An entire palm tree was also found in one of the Sakkara graves with a ... Read More »

Olive oil with Fish Oil


Fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 fats, and these have been linked to a number of positives benefits for ones health. These days, even mainstream medicine is heralding the health benefits that fish oil offers. By adding omega-3 fats to your diet and supplement regimen, you’re opening yourself up to a range of health benefits, including: Healthier mood Improved ... Read More »

Black seed


Before the advent of multivitamin supplements, nature already provided us with a seed that is far more powerful and contains many more health promoting and disease fighting constituents. Nigella Sativa, commonly known as black seed or “habbatul barakah”, has been used for centuries by cultures throughout the world and even finds mention in the teachings of Islam, as well as ... Read More »

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